Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DuPage County - Brian Dugan Sentence to Die in Illinois

by Greg Miller - Investigative Reporter

A video clip by Daily Herald show the victims family as the judge sentenced Brian Dugan to die following convictions for serial murder. Dugan is currently incarcerated at Pontiac Correctional Center, IL awaiting the death penalty that has been suspended since Former Illinois Governor George Ryan suspended death sentences for other inmates. It is likely Dugan will live out his days in segregation. Dugan was convicted of 1983 kidnapping, rape and murder of 10 year old girl Jeanine Nicarico.

25 Year Old Du Page County Murder - UNSOLVED

By Greg Miller – Investigative Reporter

GLEN ELLYN, IL – On a 1985 summer afternoon a DuPage County teen walks to a local Glen Ellyn Jewel food store located near route 53. She buys a candy bar and leaves to never be seen alive again. Her mother, Sandy Wissleman, reports her daughter missing. On July 22, 1985 Kristina’s body was found near a dirt path adjacent to the Jewell food store.

PCC News spoke to Detective Bob Harris of the Du Page County Sheriff's Office. His comment was the Sheriff's Department is actively investigating this crime and hopes the murderer is caught. He additionally pointed out they were going to pay particular attention to this case (because its anniversary draws near).

He further referred additional comments to the public relations officer, Don Rose, who stated this was an ongoing investigation and was not going to disclose any information about the victim, the manner of the homicide nor any kind of description about a suspect.

PoliceAbuse.com has found possible departmental misconduct regarding the way the murder investigation is being handled. An investigation is being conducted concerning why the sheriff’s department is failing to release information to the public about any possible suspect description that could produce tips from a community who wishes to see justice and closure on a 25 year murder of a teenager.